Treatment Process

In today’s era of medical advancements, numerous options are available for couples facing infertility challenges. If you find it challenging to access the right expertise and treatment for infertility in your home country, it’s time to explore the MomIVF International Patient Program.

At MomIVF, our unwavering commitment is to provide couples with effective and evidence-based medical care. Leveraging advanced technology and unparalleled expertise, we comprehensively address both male and female infertility, reproductive health, and assisted reproduction. In addition to delivering personalized clinical care services, our active engagement in research and academics allows us to pioneer advancements in the field of reproductive medicine.


Registration and Initial Consultation

Diagnostic Assessments & Laboratory Services:

  1. Registration and initial consultation
  2. Follicular scan
  3. Semen analysis
  4.  Diagnostic assessment
  5. Evaluation

Team Of Specialists Involved

  1.  Fertility expert
  2.  Anesthetist
  3.  Embryologist
  4.  Nursing staff

The IVF or ICSI Procedure:

  1. Ovarian Stimulation
  2.  Ovum pick up
  3. ICSI
  4. Freezing of embryos
  5. Endometrial preparation
  6. Embryo transfer

NOTE: Prices are subject to change, and the prevailing rates at the time of treatment will apply.

Targeted Female Infertility Treatments:

Targeted Male Infertility Treatments:

Cutting-edge IVF and Ovum Pick-up Labs Crafted to Elevate Implantation Rates:

Stringent Zero Error Systems

  • Multiple checks and microscopic recordings at every stage, ensuring an error-free process from collection to implantation

Controlled Lab Environment (Class 10,000)

  • A Centralized Air Handling Unit (AHU) featuring 0.3 Micron HEPA Filters, maintaining optimal air quality for embryo development.

Total Quality Management & Audits

  • Regular quality control cycles for all procedures, maintaining a zero-tolerance policy for errors.
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