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Psycho – sexual counselling: Psycho-sexual counseling or therapy is a process by which individuals or couples are helped to overcome sexual problems or difficulties that they have been unable to resolve by themselves.  

Who might need psycho-sexual therapy? 

Couples or individuals who require: Education and information to address doubts or queries regarding their sexual function or performance. 

Relationship and sexual well-being advice including screening for sexually transmitted infections, advice for sexual problems which have lasted more than six months or those causing relationship problems 

Advice for sexual problems coexisting with medical or surgical problems SARA – Sex and Relationship Advice deals with the following sexual problems. 

  • Male sexual problems – Erectile dysfunction, premature or early ejaculation, delayed ejaculation or anorgasmia, loss of desire, dyspareunia, doubts or fears around masturbation. 
  • Female sexual problems – Male partner can always have an option to visit an andrologist if he has any kind of sexual issue but whereas a female cannot, to solve a female problem it is important for her to consult a psycho sexual therapist who can address her issues and solve them. Some of the issues a women can face are Non consummation or vaginismus, loss of desire and arousal, anorgasmia, dyspareunia or pain with intercourse.  
  • Additional services include Contraception advice, sexual well-being, sexually transmitted infections and their prevention. 

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Similar Question people ask

What is psycho-sexual counseling?

Psycho-sexual counseling is a specialized form of therapy that addresses emotional, psychological, and relational aspects of sexual health and well-being. It provides individuals and couples with a safe space to explore and resolve sexual concerns and challenges.

Who can benefit from psycho-sexual counseling?

Psycho-sexual counseling is beneficial for individuals and couples experiencing a wide range of sexual issues, including performance anxiety, sexual dysfunction, low libido, communication problems, and unresolved trauma or concerns related to intimacy.

What can one expect during a psycho-sexual counseling session?

During psycho-sexual counseling, individuals or couples engage in confidential discussions with a trained therapist to explore their sexual concerns, emotions, and relationship dynamics. Therapists may use various therapeutic techniques to help clients address and overcome sexual challenges.

Is psycho-sexual counseling effective?

Yes, psycho-sexual counseling can be highly effective in improving sexual satisfaction, communication, and overall relationship quality. The success of counseling depends on the individual’s or couple’s commitment to the process and the expertise of the therapist.

How can one find a qualified psycho-sexual counselor?

To find a qualified psycho-sexual counselor, individuals can seek referrals from healthcare providers, mental health professionals, or counseling organizations. It’s essential to choose a counselor with appropriate training and experience in psycho-sexual therapy to ensure the best possible outcomes.

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I authorize Mom IVF Ltd and it’s representative to Call , SMS, Email or What’sApp me about its products and offer. This consent overrides any registration for DNC / NDNC.